Ambassador Visits Goodyear

ambassador-goodyear-1 On June 10th, The Ambassador visited Goodyear, the largest U.S. company by staff size operating in the Grand Duchy, with a state-of-the-art tire technology research center. Goodyear’s Luxembourg site is a cutting-edge Technology Center for the design/research and development (R&D) of automotive tires. The bulk of the business is prototypes for truck tires (both small and large vehicles), with 1026 employees of the total staff dedicated to this activity. The remaining 1300 or so employees work in the production of mainly truck tires. Most of the design work is now done digitally. Since 1999, Goodyear and Dunlop Tires are merged as a joint venture. Tire design in Luxembambassador-goodyear-2ourg is used for worldwide markets except for North and South America. The research center is the largest Goodyear Development Center outside North America. There are 60 nationalities represented in the staff, even more diverse than the average company in Luxembourg.