The United States and Luxembourg sign a Memorandum of Understanding on the Warehouse Service Agency in Sanem (02.10.2019)

On 2nd October 2019, the Minister of Defence, François Bausch, and U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, Randy Evans, signed a Memorandum of Understanding on Cost Sharing for Maintenance and Storage Operations of the United States Air Force Europe (USAFE) at the military depot managed by the Warehouses Service Agency (WSA) in Sanem. Under the new MOU, ... Read More»

Demonstration Alert – U.S. Embassy Luxembourg – 27 September, 2019

Location: Announced gathering point and route include, but are not limited to, Place de Clairefontaine, Rue du Fossé, Place de la Constitution, Geesseknäppchen Boulevard Pierre Dupong in Hollerich, Gare Centrale, Lycée de Garçons in Limpertsberg, and place de l’Europe in Kirchberg. Event: The Demonstration for Climate is expected to take place on Friday, September 27, ... Read More»

75th Liberation Commemoration in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg

On Sunday, September 23 Ambassador Evans represented the United States at the 75th Commemoration of the Battle of the Bulge in the Luxembourgish city of Ettelbruck, which was famously liberated by U.S. General George Patton’s 80th Infantry Division in 1944.  Also known as “Patton Town,” Ettelbruck is home to the General Patton Memorial Museum, General Patton Square, and since the 1950’s has hosted annual commemorations known as Remembrance ... Read More»

Ambassador Evans Remarks at the Patton Memorial for the Battle of the Bulge 75th Anniversary Celebration in Ettelbruck – September 22, 2019

It is an incredible honor for me as the representative of the people of the United States of America to stand before you and thank you for joining together to honor a great general, a great moment, and a great victory. Mr. President, thank you for being here.  Ms. Patton, thank you for being here; ... Read More»

Demonstration Alert – U.S. Embassy Luxembourg, Luxembourg

20 September 2019 Location: Luxembourg Avenue de la Gare – Boulevard de la Petrusse – Pont Adolphe – Boulevard Roosevelt – Rue Philippe II – Avenue de la Porte Neuve – Boulevard Royal – Kinekswiss Park (Glacis area) Event: Demonstration for Climate. On Friday, September 20 from 11h to 13h, students associated with the Youth for Climate Luxembourg ... Read More»

Minister Gramegna and Ambassador Evans Bring US-Luxembourg Taxation Protocol into Force

On 9 September 2019, Pierre Gramegna, Minister of Finance of Luxembourg and J. Randolph Evans, US Ambassador to Luxembourg, announced that the respective ratification procedures of the Protocol amending the Double Taxation Convention have been completed, thus bringing the Protocol into force. By exchanging the instruments of the Protocol, both countries acknowledge the ratification of ... Read More»

Trump formally reestablishes U.S. Space Command at White House ceremony

Raymond: U.S. Space Command will have a “sharper mission focus on protecting and defending space assets.” WASHINGTON — At a White House ceremony Thursday, President Donald Trump officially reestablished U.S. Space Command as the Defense Department’s 11th unified combatant command. The United States had a U.S. Space Command from 1985 until 2002 when it was ... Read More»

WWII 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Luxembourg and the Battle of the Bulge 2019-2020 Event Calendar

Luxembourg is planning many events to commemorate the 75th anniversary of their liberation and the Battle of the Bulge during WWII. These events are organized by national, local and individual commemorative organizations throughout the country between September 2019 and February 2020. Date Time Event Name Organizer Location Social Media Handles 22-Sep TBC Ettelbruck Remembrance City of ... Read More»

Demonstration Alert – U.S. Embassy Luxembourg

Event:  Demonstration expected to take place on Friday, August 23, 2019 beginning at 1700.  The group intends to protest in reaction to the fires taking place in the Amazon rainforest. Location:  Announced gathering point and route includes, but is not limited to, the Schueberfouer event (Glacis) in Limpertsberg. Actions to Take: Avoid the areas of the ... Read More»

Security Alert: U.S. Embassy Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Event:  Schueberfouer Fair – August 23 to September 11, 2019. Location:  Glacis parking area, Limpertsberg, Luxembourg. The U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg wishes to remind U.S. citizens to exercise caution during the fair.  Petty crimes such as pickpocketing and other non-violent crimes of opportunity generally occur in and around the fair grounds.  Alcohol related incidents are ... Read More» Memorable 12 Months

The visit of Buzz Aldrin, signing a space MOU and getting a working group launched to tackle Holocaust victim restitution issues were the highlights of Randy Evans’s first year in Luxembourg. Before heading off to the States for a brief summer break, US ambassador to Luxembourg Randy Evans spoke about his first year in Luxembourg ... Read More»

Complete Text of the MoU on Space Cooperation between the U.S. and Luxembourg

The Governments of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (“Luxembourg”) and the United States of America (“United States”) (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Participants”), herewith declare as follows: Recognizing that it is in the national interests of the Participants, individually and collectively, to contribute to the peaceful exploration and sustainable utilization of Space. Recognizing that ... Read More»

Independence Day Celebration w/ Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin and U.S. Congressional Delegation

On July 3rd, the U.S. Embassy Luxembourg hosted the annual Independence Day Celebration centered around the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 moon landing. Guests gathered at the Philharmonie to engage in Virtual Reality and observe a NASA moon rock and rover before listening to remarks from distinguished speakers such as guest of honor U.S. Apollo ... Read More»

Luxembourg National Day Press Statement by Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

On behalf of the Government of the United States of America, I congratulate the people of Luxembourg as you celebrate your national day. The United States and Luxembourg’s steadfast partnership as friends and NATO allies is built on a long history of shared values and sacrifice.  This year, we commemorated the 75th anniversary of D-Day, ... Read More»

Memorial Day 2019 Ceremony

“This past Saturday I had the tremendous honor of hosting, together with the American Battle Monuments Commission, the annual Memorial Day ceremony at the Luxembourg American Cemetery.  It was a beautiful day, and an incredibly moving ceremony, and I’m grateful that we were able to have so many distinguished guests join us.” -Amb. Evans The ceremony ... Read More»

The United States and Luxembourg sign memorandum on space co-operation on May 10, 2019

Luxembourg, May 10, 2019 – The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and the United States of America today signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that will serve to catalyze and significantly deepen cooperation between the two countries in the field of space. Étienne Schneider, Luxembourg’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, signed the MoU ... Read More»

Ambassador Randy Evans and Embassy Staff gather for a Moment of Silence In Honor of HRH Grand Duke Jean

Today, together with U.S. Ambassador Randy Evans, the Embassy staff gathered for a moment of silence under the U.S. flag flown at half-mast, honoring HRH Grand Duke Jean and joining the people of Luxembourg in this period of national mourning. Ambassador Evans said: “Thank you for taking a moment to honor someone who deserves and ... Read More»

Press Statement – Official Visit of Commerce Secretary, Wilbur Ross, to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, May 10, 2019

On Tuesday April 30, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg issued the following statement: United States Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross will be in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on May 10, 2019.  Secretary Ross will visit with business and government leaders; attend the signing ceremony for the recently negotiated Memorandum of Understanding on Space; and, explore ... Read More»

White House Statement on Death of Grand Duke Jean

Yesterday evening, the White House issued a statement on the passing of Grand Duke Jean: “Statement on the passing of Grand Duke Jean of Luxembourg: On behalf of the American people, the White House expresses condolences to the people of Luxembourg and the family of Grand Duke Jean upon his passing today. Grand Duke Jean was a ... Read More»

74th Annual WWII Commemoration hosted by the Syndicat d’intérêts locaux Hamm-Pulfermuehl

On Sunday, April 7th, Ambassador Randy Evans attended the 74th Annual Second World War Commemoration hosted by the Syndicat d’intérêts locaux Hamm-Pulfermuehl  at the Luxembourg American  Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm. This year’s ceremony included the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Fernand Etgen, official representatives to the Council of Aldermen of the cities of Luxembourg ... Read More»

Doughboys in Luxembourg exhibition openin

On Friday April 5 at  Luxembourg’s National Museum of Military History, Ambassador Evans spoke to an audience gathered for the  opening of the “Doughboys in Luxembourg,” a U.S. Embassy sponsored exhibition on the little known history of U.S. troops in Luxembourg at the end of the First World War. The Ambassador was joined by H.E. ... Read More»

Protecting the EU Elections –Ambassador Randy Evans Op-Ed

Protecting the EU Elections – U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, Randy Evans   The Achilles Heel of democracies around the world is the vulnerability of open and free elections to malign influence.  Strict adherence to the ‘rule of law’, the cornerstone of all democracies, dictates that governments accept election outcomes regardless of the influences that lead ... Read More»

Buzz Aldrin dazzles in eccentric silver suit and patriotic socks as eight surviving Apollo astronauts pose for 50th anniversary photo

It may be a half-century since former U.S. astronaut, Buzz Aldrin rose up to become one of the first-ever humans to step foot on the moon, but that doesn’t mean he’s done making a splash. At a recent reunion, eight former Apollo astronauts, and three of the four living men to have walked on the ... Read More»

U.S. Embassy Luxembourg  Opens “SpaceNex” With Announcement of Funding for the University of Luxembourg’s SCIENTEENS LAB – “De Labo Fir Jonker”

Today, the United States Embassy introduced its newest addition – SpaceNex.  In honor of the 50th Anniversary of Landing on the Moon, and the expected new joint cooperation agreement with the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the Embassy welcomed the next generation of scientists, thinks, inventors, and explorers from Scienceteens Lab and the University of Luxembourg. ... Read More»

Press Statement – U.S. Ambassador Randy Evans – Foreign Minister Asselborn’s Annual Foreign Policy Speech to the Chamber of Deputies

Congratulations to Luxembourg Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn for his thorough and comprehensive report regarding world issues, challenges, and paths forward. It reflected his lifetime of experience, depth of knowledge, and appreciation for not only the dynamics at play, but also the players on the world stage. I look forward to studying in more detail his ... Read More»

U.S. Embassy Luxembourg – Statement on Russian PM Medvedev’s Planned Visit to the Grand Duchy

The U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg, responding to news of the Russian Prime Minister’s planned visit issued the following statement: “Luxembourg and its government find themselves at a unique time and in a unique place for advancing the right of all countries and peoples to “stay what [they] are”.  It is a unique time as Russian ... Read More»

U.S. Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues Meets with Prime Minister Xavier Bettel

U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg, Randy Evans, and U.S. Special Envoy for Holocaust Issues, Tom Yazdgerdi, led a delegation including leaders of the World Jewish Restitution Organization and the Jewish Community of Luxembourg, to a meeting today with Prime Minister Xavier Bettel, to discuss international efforts, including those of Luxembourg, to address remaining Holocaust-era property issues. ... Read More»

Ambassador Evans’ Statement on Russia’s Withdrawal from the INF

Russian suspension of the Intermediate Nuclear forces Agreement treaty (INF) simply confirms what everyone knew. The Russian government has not and did not intend to comply with the ban on intermediate nuclear weapons. To protect all of Europe, including Luxembourg, the United States can now meet the challenge of the security and safety of its ... Read More»

U.S. Ambassador Randy Evans’ Statement on the Reopening of the U.S. Government / Aspirations for 2019

Wednesday, January 30th 2019 With the passage of a continuing resolution on Friday January 25th, U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Randy Evans issued the following statement: “Following the passage of a continuing appropriations act last Friday, I am pleased to say that activities across the U.S. government have resumed, most especially those of the U.S. Department of ... Read More»

Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Luxembourg, Luxembourg

03 December, 2018 Location:  Luxembourg, countrywide. Event:  During the holiday season security measures in Luxembourg remain heightened due to ongoing threats posed by transnational terrorist organizations and individuals inspired by extremist ideology throughout Europe.  Extremists continue to focus on tourist locations, shopping malls, airports, clubs, restaurants, places of worship, transportation hubs, and other soft targets ... Read More»

Ambassador Evans’ Veterans Day Remarks – 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018 – 11:00 am Luxembourg American Military Cemetery and Memorial Delivered by: Ambassador J. Randolph Evans Good morning and welcome – thank you all for coming to: Members of the Diplomatic Corps; Government of Luxembourg; Veterans; All the members of the 52nd Fighter Wing’ Everyone from the Spangdahlem Air Base community; Scouting Groups; ... Read More»

Veterans Day 2018 Ceremony

In Luxembourg, Veterans Day is traditionally celebrated at the Luxembourg American Cemetery in Hamm, Luxembourg. The Luxembourg American Cemetery is one of 26 overseas American military cemeteries managed by the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC). In the presence of Ambassador Randy Evans and his wife Linda, the Commander of the 52nd Fighter Wing out of ... Read More»

Ambassador Evans’ Op-Ed on the 100th Anniversary of the end of WWI

“Armistice Day: Why it matters on its 100th Anniversary” Open Editorial by J. Randolph Evans, U.S. Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg It is a new millennium.  Indeed, it is almost two decades into a new millennium.  For many, pre-2000 events have moved beyond distant memories to the studied past – to be learned in ... Read More»

Luxembourg College Night – LCN – 2018

Last night, together with EducationUSA Luxembourg and the International School of Luxembourg, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg organized the second Luxembourg College Night (LCN).  LCN 2018 was a huge success, with close to 400 attendees visiting with the 30 universities represented. From major research institutions to small liberal arts colleges, to performing arts programs and ... Read More»

Ambassador Evans attends annual Liberation Commemoration in Esch-Alzette – 10 September 2018

September 10th, 1944 marks a special day in the Luxembourgish commemoration calendar. On this very day, U.S. troops liberated Luxembourg City. But the capital wasn’t the only city to be delivered on that day. Esch-Alzette and many other towns were liberated too. Units of the 5th U.S. armored division, commanded by General Lunsford E. Oliver, ... Read More»

Ambassador Evans and Mrs. Evans visit the National Military History Museum in Diekirch

On September 6th, 2018 Ambassador Evans and his wife Linda went on an official visit to the National Military History Museum in Diekirch. The Ambassador was welcomed by the Museum Director Benoît Niederkorn, History Professor and museum special pedagogical projects coordinator Philippe Victor, President Frank Rockenbrod, Vice-President Marc Rosch and former museum curator and historian ... Read More»

American Labor Day Commemoration by Luxembourg Workers Unions

On September 3rd, 2018 Ambassador Evans attended the American Labor Day wreath-laying ceremony, organized by the Luxembourg Trade and Workers unions OGBL and FNCTTFEL (the National Railway and Public Transport Union) at the American Military Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm. Each year, by laying a wreath at General George S. Patton’s grave, this ceremony commemorates ... Read More»

Top Tips for Americans Visiting Luxembourg

Top Tips for Americans Visiting Luxembourg Check your passport validity: Check the expiration date on your passport carefully before traveling to Luxembourg. To enter Luxembourg or the Schengen area, have at least six-month’s validity remaining on your passport. If your passport does not meet the requirements, you may be refused boarding by the airline at your ... Read More»

International Asteroid Day

Ambassador Evans joined the Live Broadcast of Asteroid Day at RTL studios. The Embassy is proud to welcome US Astronauts Randy Schweickart and Ed Lu to Luxembourg and to highlight the important work of the Luxembourg-based Asteroid Day Foundation, dedicated to bringing people together from around the world to learn about asteroids, the impact hazard ... Read More»

Independence Day Celebration 2018

On June 28th, 2018, the U.S. Embassy Luxembourg hosted its annual Independence Day reception celebrating 242 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The theme of this year’s reception was “Journey Across America” featuring vintage posters of each unique U.S state, a large pin-board for guests to mark their favorite city, traditional foods ... Read More»

Ambassador Evans Welcomes Local Students and Scholarship Winners

On Tuesday, June 26, 2018, Ambassador Evans welcomed four local high school students to the U.S. Embassy, to congratulate them on receiving competitive scholarships to study and experience American University life in the United States. Through the Benjamin Franklin Transatlantic Fellowship and EducationUSA Academy, the U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Section will send four students on ... Read More»

50th Anniversary of Luxembourg’s NATO Supply and Procurement Agency

On June 25th, 2018, Ambassador Evans was proud to honor the NATO Supply and Procurement Agency (NSPA) on the occasion of its 60th Anniversary of its founding, and its 50th Anniversary in Luxembourg. NSPA provides responsive, effective and cost-efficient acquisition, including armaments procurement; logistics; operational and systems support and services to the Allies, NATO Military ... Read More»

U.S. Embassy Celebrates 2018 LGBTI Pride Month

On Friday, June 1st 2018, Chargé d’Affaires Kerri S. Hannan hosted the Rainbow Flag Raising in honor of LGBTI Pride Month, with guest of honor and First Husband, Gaulthier Destenay, Member of Parliament Marc Angel as well as the Ambassadors and representatives of the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Spain and France. We also had ... Read More»

2017 International Religious Freedom Report

The Department of State submits this annual report to the Congress in compliance with section 102(b) of the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998 (P.L. 105-292), as amended. This report covers the period between January 1 and December 31, 2017. U.S. embassies prepare the initial drafts of country chapters based on information from government officials, ... Read More»

Chargé d’Affaires Kerri Hannan visits Ecole Internationale de Differdange

On Tuesday May 29, Chargé d’Affaires Kerri Hannan visited the Ecole International (EI) in Differdange.  Headmaster Gerard Zens and Assistant Headmaster Elisabeth DaSilva welcomed Ms. Hannan to the school where Fulbright English Teaching Assistant (ETA) Marco Leon has spent the year helping to support English language learning. Marco has been supported by cooperating teachers Mr. ... Read More»

Chargé d’Affaires Kerri S. Hannan Memorial Day Ceremony 2018

American Battle Monuments Commission, Luxembourg American Cemetery Saturday, May 26, 2018 Gudde Mëtteg, Good Afternoon I would like to start by thanking everyone in attendance today including our honored guests: His Excellency Mr. Weiler, The Honorable Mrs. Beissel, The Honorable Mr. Etgen, The Honorable Mr. Wivenes, The Honorable Mr. Wilmes, Lt. General Clark, General Duschène, ... Read More»

Memorial Day 2018

On Saturday, 26th May, the United States Chargé d’Affaires Ms. Kerri S. Hannan and the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) hosted the annual Memorial Day ceremony at the American Military Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm, known as Luxembourg American Cemetery. This year, the fly-over was performed by a U.S. AirForce C120-J SUPER HERCULES, assigned to ... Read More»

Chargé d’Affaires Ms. Kerri S. Hannan Opening Remarks at the 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections Debate

May 17, 2018 Kerri S. Hannan, Chargé d’Affaires a.i   Thank you to Maison Moderne, Duncan Roberts and his team for tonight’s event, to Arendt and Meddernach for hosting and to our debaters from Democrats Abroad and Republican’s Overseas.   Finally, thank you to the audience for your interest. I am always heartened to see ... Read More»

2018 U.S. Midterm Elections Debate

On Thursday, 17th May, Chargé d’Affaires, Kerri S. Hannan gave opening remarks at the U.S. Midterm Elections Debate between Republicans Overseas Luxembourg and Democrats Abroad Luxembourg, respectively lead by James O’Neal, William Abundes and Natalie Bachiri, Eva Moynihan. The event was co-organized by PaperJam Business Club and AmCham Luxembourg and moderated by Delano news editor-in-chief, ... Read More»

Security Alert – U.S. Embassy Luxembourg, Luxembourg

The U.S. government remains concerned that terrorists are intent on targeting U.S. citizens, including children.  Terrorists may employ a variety of tactics, such as violent assaults and kidnappings.  In the past they have used knives, guns, and vehicles as ramming devices.  They may target schools, hospitals, churches, tourist locations, transportation hubs, and other public venues. ... Read More»

Meet Mike Pompeo, the new Secretary of State

Few Americans possess a resume as varied as that of Mike Pompeo: first in his class at West Point, an editor of the Harvard Law Review, entrepreneur, congressman and Director of the Central Intelligence Agency. Add a new line to that resume: America’s chief diplomat. Pompeo, 54, was sworn in 26 April 2018 as the ... Read More»

2018 EducationUSA Academy Call for Applications

EducationUSA Academy Summer 2018 U.S. Embassy Funded Scholarship Call for Applications Written Essay Competition Do you want to improve your English and experience U.S. university campus life? Then the EducationUSA Academy program might be right for you. For the first time, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg is pleased to offer two to three full scholarships for high school students in ... Read More»

2017 Battle of the Bulge Commemorations

From December 15 to 17, 2017, the U.S. Embassy participated in several World War 2 commemorations, remembering the start of the Battle of the Bulge on December 16, 1944. Chargé d’Affaires, Kerri S. Hannan, who went to Schumann’s Eck National Liberation Memorial commemoration, advocated more collaboration between the nations. Public Affairs Officer, Daniel Pattarini, who ... Read More»

Veterans Day Hockey Game

On November 11, Veterans Day, the U.S. Embassy hosted a friendly ice hockey game between the Tornado Luxembourg and the Spangdahlem Air Base Varsity Team to celebrate friendship between the U.S. and Luxembourg, honor of veterans and promote the sport of hockey which has passionate fans on both sides of the Atlantic. The sold out ... Read More»

Veterans Day Commemoration at the (ABMC) American Military Cemetery and Memorial

Each year on November 11th at 11 AM, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg together with the American Battle Monuments Commission commemorates Veterans Day at the American Military Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm. The Official Party was led by the U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, Kerri S. Hannan. and included guest speaker Mr. Kelly McKeague, Director of ... Read More»

United States House of Representatives Appropriations Committee Members Visit Luxembourg

Thursday and Friday October 19-20, 2017 Luxembourg American Military Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm Joint wreath laying with H.E. Mr. Mars di Bartoloméo (President) and Members of Parliament Marc Angel and Claudia Dall’Agnol. Two members of the United States House of Representatives Appropriations Committee’s Subcommittee for Military Construction, Veterans Affairs and Related Agencies, Chairman Charles ... Read More»

Youth Engagement in Historic Institutions – International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP)

In September 2017, the U.S. Embassy and the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State organized and sponsored an International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) in the U.S. The program entitled “Youth Engagement in Historic Institutions” was aimed at examining strategies for increasing youth engagement at museums and historic institutions by using ... Read More»

Luxembourg Heritage Days 2017

For the third year in a row, Embassy Luxembourg participated in the annual Heritage Days organized by the Luxembourg Administration des Service des Sites et Monuments in which historical monuments and buildings that are not otherwise opened may be viewed by the public. The Embassy opened the Ambassador’s residence – also called the Chief of ... Read More»

Luxembourg College Night 2017

On 5 October, 2017 over 25 Top American Universities came to Luxembourg to recruit talented and diverse High School and University Students. For the first time ever in Luxembourg, over25 universities were represented at an American-style university recruitment fair. From major research institutions to small liberal arts colleges, to one of America’s most highly regarded ... Read More»

State Department releases 2017 Trafficking in Persons Report

Secretary Tillerson: “Human trafficking is one of the most tragic human rights issues of our time. It splinters families, distorts global markets, undermines the rule of law, and spurs other transnational criminal activity. It threatens public safety and national security. But worst of all, the crime robs human beings of their freedom and their dignity. That’s ... Read More»

Secretary Tillerson Delivers Remarks on International Religious Freedom

On August 15, 2017, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson released the  2016 Annual Report on International Religious Freedom  at the U.S. Department of State. Religious freedom is both a core American value and a fundamental human right. Mandated by the International Religious Freedom Act of 1998, the IRF Report describes the status of religious freedom in foreign countries and U.S. actions and ... Read More»

Special Olympics in Luxembourg

Congratulations and thanks to the wonderful team from Special Olympics Arizona who represented the United States at a 9 team international tournament in Luxembourg from July 7-9. We appreciate your spirit and sportsmanship. Thanks to our friends at Special Olympics Luxembourg for putting on a great event! Read More»

Start-Up 4.0. Follow-Up with Prize Winners

On July 6th, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg had a follow-up Ideas/Pizza event with the Start-Up 4.0 (fourth annual youth entrepreneurship workshop and pitch night) students and entrepreneur mentors. During the meeting the winning social entrepreneur ideas were re-pitched and possible problems and solutions for the continuation of the proposed ideas identified. All attendees enjoyed ... Read More»

4th of July Celebration

On June 29th, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg held its yearly Independence Day Celebration.This year’s celebration was themed “100 Years of Jazz” and was a huge success as more than 220 people attended and celebrated the 241st anniversary of U.S. Independence. The new Chargé d’Affaires Kerri Hannan warmly welcomed all the guests and in her ... Read More»

Walferdange U.S. Summer Festival

On Sunday July 2nd, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg and EducationUSA were represented at the Summer Festival organized by the Walfer Music band of the commune of Walferdange. The Summer Festival featured a ‘Spotlight on the USA’ featuring American music, American Foods such as Hamburgers, Hot Dogs and Corn on the Cobb. Both young and ... Read More»

Remarks by U.S. Embassy Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Ms. Kerri Hannan U.S. Independence Day Celebration – June 29, 2017

"Ladies and gentlemen, representatives of the government and royal family of Luxembourg, members of the diplomatic corps, business and civil society leaders, media professionals, educators, artists, students, friends of the U.S. Embassy, and honored guests…gudden ovente and wëlkomm!" Read More»

LGBTI June Pride Month 2017

In honor of LGBTI June Pride Month, Chargé d’Affaires Kristi Roberts and a few special guests from the local LGBTI NGOs Rosa Lëtzebuerg and CIGALE (Centre d ’Information Gay et Lesbien) as well as the Jewish Community of Esch/Alzette gathered to raise the LGBTI Rainbow Flag on the Embassy’s flag pole. This is the third ... Read More»

Memorial Day 2017

On 27th May, 2017 the U.S. Embassy Luxembourg and the American Battle Monuments Commission held their annual Memorial Day ceremony at the American Military Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm. Several hundreds of participants gathered under a warm and sunny summer sky to pay tribute and remember those servicemen and women who have died while serving ... Read More»

Embassy Art Vernissage

On September 22, the U.S. Embassy hosted a vernissage of an art exhibition titled: Artistes Luxembourgeoises. The exhibition is showcasing 10 local talents of women Luxembourg artists; Manon Bertrand, Martine Deny, Malou Faber-Hilbert, Flora Mar, Laura Marxen, Iva Mrazkova, Anna Recker, Christiane Schmit, Marie-Pierre Trauden-Thill, Claire Weides-Coos and Annette Weiwers-Probst. When the former Ambassador left ... Read More»

Ambassador Visits DuPont de Nemours & Company

 On July 26th, Ambassador McKean, accompanied by Embassy staff, visited DuPont de Nemours & Company’s site in Contern to meet with the current and incoming Plant Managers Claude Metzdorf and Paul Meyers and tour the plant. One of the oldest U.S. companies operating in Luxembourg, established in 1962 and employing over 1300 staff, the Luxembourg ... Read More»

Ambassador Visits Mondorf-les-Bains

 On July 25th, Ambassador McKean and Ms. Kaye visited the town of Mondorf-les-Bains on the invitation of Mayor Lex Delles and the Chairman of the Domaine Thermal, Paul Hammelmann. The Domaine, an historically well-known health and wellness (spa) resort complex, is a key economic component of the growth and success of Mondorf, attracting an international ... Read More»

Ambassador Visits Esch/Belval – Luxembourg Center for Systems Biology; Technoport; Luxinnovation; ArcelorMittal Belval Plant

 In a visit to Esch/Belval July 20, Ambassador McKean learned about the past, present, and future of Luxembourg’s economy – its history and future in steel at the ArcelorMittal facility and its efforts to diversify the economy by supporting innovation at the Luxembourg Center for Systems Biology, the Technoport research center and incubator, and Luxinnovation, ... Read More»

Secretary of State John Kerry Visits Luxembourg

 On July 16th 2016, Secretary of State John Kerry arrived on an official two-day visit to Luxembourg to meet with members of the Luxembourgish government and to strengthen ties with this important ally of the United States of America and fellow NATO member. After arriving from a visit in Moscow early on the 16th, Secretary ... Read More»

Official Town Visit to Esch-Alzette

On July 18th, Ambassador McKean and Ms. Kaye had an official town visit to Esch-Alzette, Luxembourg’s second largest city. At the city hall, they met with Mayor Vera Spautz and several members of the City Council. After that meeting, altogether they walked through the pedestrian street of Esch, which is known to be the longest ... Read More»

Ambassador Visits Luxembourg Findel Airport

 On July 7th, Ambassador McKean was invited to visit the various component parts of Luxembourg Findel Airport, kindly organized by Luxairport, the airport authority. In addition to the passenger terminal and security systems, the Ambassador toured the impressive Luxair Cargo Center, the fifth-largest freight hub in volume in Europe, serving Cargolux, Luxembourg’s all-cargo airline, and ... Read More»

Ambassador Visits LuxConnect

 On July 5th, 2016, H.E. United States Ambassador David McKean and the Embassy Staff honored LuxConnect with a visit of their headquarters in Bettembourg. The Ambassador was warmly welcomed by LuxConnect’s CEO Roger Lampach and CBDO Tom Kettels who briefly presented the activities of the company. Ambassador McKean then discussed with the LuxConnect staff the ... Read More»

Ambassador Visits Avery Dennison

Ambassador McKean made a courtesy visit to the European headquarters of the U.S. industrial company Avery Dennison in Rodange on June 28th. Avery Dennison, headquartered in Glendale, CA, employs 400 staff in Rodange and produces labeling and packaging materials. The company was the recipient of the Luxembourg-American Business Award a few years ago, in recognition ... Read More»

World Refugee Day

Gardening event at refugee center in honor of World Refugee Day with Ambassador David McKean and Minister of Family and Integration, Corinne Cahen On Monday afternoon, U.S. Ambassador David McKean and his wife, Ms. Kathleen Kaye, joined embassy staff and the Minister of Family and Integration, Corrine Cahen, OLAI and Red Cross staff in honoring World Refugee ... Read More»

Ambassador Visits Goodyear

On June 10th, The Ambassador visited Goodyear, the largest U.S. company by staff size operating in the Grand Duchy, with a state-of-the-art tire technology research center. Goodyear’s Luxembourg site is a cutting-edge Technology Center for the design/research and development (R&D) of automotive tires. The bulk of the business is prototypes for truck tires (both small ... Read More»

WINTER ON FIRE by Evgeny Afineevsy

Round Table and Special Viewing of WINTER ON FIRE Oscar-nominated Netlix original documentary with director and producer Evgeny Afineevsy On June 6th, the U.S. Embassy hosted Mr. Evgeny Afineevsy, the director and producer of the Oscar-nominated Netlix original documentary, Winter on Fire which chronicles the unrest in Ukraine during 2013 and 2014 as student demonstrations ... Read More»

LGBT Flag Raising

JUNE LGBT PRIDE MONTH & 20th ANNIVERSARY OF ROSA LËTZEBUERG June has been designated LGBT Pride because of the Stonewall riots which occurred in June 1969. Every year during his tenure President Obama has issued a proclamation declaring June to be LGBT Pride Month and the State Department has marked it in many ways. Last ... Read More»

Ambassador McKean Welcome Reception

 Last night, Ambassador David McKean and his wife Kathleen Kaye hosted a Welcome Reception at their residence. Dignitaries from the political, economic/business and cultural sectors had been invited. About a hundred guests enjoyed a wonderful evening. In his remarks, Ambassador McKean stressed how much he and his wife Kathleen have enjoyed Luxembourg so far: ” ... Read More»

Memorial Day Ceremony

 On May 28th, the Embassy and the American Battle Monuments Commission held the annual Memorial Day ceremony at the American Military Cemetery and Memorial in Hamm, Luxembourg. Ambassador McKean was joined by many dignitaries of Luxembourg: His Excellency Mr. Lucien Weiler Marshal of the Court, Ms. Simone Beissel Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies, Mr. ... Read More»

Memorial Day Remarks United States Ambassador to Luxembourg, David McKean

Good afternoon and welcome to everyone here: Your Excellency Mr. Lucien Weiler Marshal of the Court Ms. Simone Beissel Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies Mr. Félix Braz Minister of Justice Mr. George Wivenes President of the Council of State Ms. Lydie Polfer Mayor of Luxembourg City Mrs. Marilynn Rustand Lieurance, whose father lies buried ... Read More»

Start-Up 3.0. Pitch Night and Award Ceremony

For the third year in a row, the Public Affairs Section invited a dynamic US Entrepreneur to lead a week-long workshops for local high school students. The focus of this year was women, so we invited a female entrepreneur and 26 female high school students participated. The program culminated in a pitch night where each ... Read More»

Start Up! 3.0 Entrepreneurship Workshop

For the third year in a row, US Embassy Luxembourg organized an entrepreneurship workshop for high school students. This year the participants were all young women from Ecole Privée Fieldgen and Lycée Aline Mayrich. The speaker specialist this year was a woman from the U.S., Sheena Lindahl. Her company, Empact, focuses on facilitating a culture ... Read More»

WWII Victory in Europe Day – May 8th

On Saturday, Ambassador McKean attended the annual commemoration of the end of WWII on European soil, organized by the ” former combattants of 1939-1945, Luxembourg Korean War and UN Peace Keeping Forces”. Together with WWII Allied Ambassadors and representatives, Luxembourg’s Ministry of Defense, the city of Luxembourg and patriotic societies, Ambassador McKean laid a wreath ... Read More»

Fulbright Alumni Reception

 Last night the Embassy and the Fulbright Commission for Belgium and Luxembourg hosted the annual Fulbright Alumni reception at the Ambassador’s residence. This annual event brings together American Fulbrighters currently studying all over Europe and Luxembourg Fulbright Alumni. We even had the priviledge of hosting Mr. Jean Hamilius, who is currently the oldest Luxembourg Fulbright ... Read More»

World Press Freedom Day Round Table Discussion

On the occasion of World Press Freedom Day (WPFD) PAS Luxembourg organized a round table discussion between Ambassador McKean, three Iraqi journalists seeking asylum in Luxembourg, local journalists and members of the Luxembourg Youth Parliament. With the sudden influx of refugees in Luxembourg (+/- 3,000 to date with another 1,000 expected), PAS got to know ... Read More»

Ambassador Visits Ampacet

On April 25th, Ambassador McKean made his first visit to a U.S. company in Luxembourg, Ampacet, the recipient of the 2016 Luxembourg-American Business Award. Ampacet is a privately-held U.S. company with over 2000 employees headquartered in Tarrytown, New York and present in North and South America, Europe, and Asia. Since 1995, the company’s European headquarter ... Read More»

Ambassador McKean Credentialing

 Following his nomination by President Barack Obama and confirmation by the U.S. Senate, David McKean was sworn in by Secretary of State John Kerry as the 22nd U.S. Ambassador to the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg on March 14, 2016. On April 14, 2016 Ambassador David McKean presented his credentials to H.R.H. Grand Duke Henri at the Grand ... Read More»

Black History Month 2016

February was Black History Month, and in addition to month-long posts on important events and people, members of the Embassy staff and American Fulbright students spent the morning of February 26th at Lycée de Garçons in Esch. There they discussed the American Civil Rights era, Martin Luther King, Jr., and race relations in the U.S. ... Read More»

Starbucks Outreach Visit

Chargé d’Affaires Alison Shorter-Lawrence and Embassy staff visited Luxembourg’s first Starbucks today, located at the LUX airport. Delicious beverages were enjoyed by all! SSP, a French food retail outlet manager specialized in travel center locations, such as airports and train stations, was awarded the tender at the airport after proposing a Starbucks store. SSP already ... Read More»

TTIP Roundtable with Luxembourg and European Youth Parliaments

Embassy Luxembourg hosted a panel discussion on the merits of the Transatlantic Trade Initiative Partnership (T-TIP) for 50 members of the Luxembourg Youth Parliament and the European Union Youth Parliament. The members of the Youth Parliaments listened while the U.K. Ambassador Alice Walpole, U.S. Chargé d’Affaires Alison Shorter-Lawrence and the DCMs from the German and ... Read More»

American Chef Hugh Acheson’s Cooking Demonstration and Food Truck Tasting

 Acclaimed American Chef Hugh Acheson visited Luxembourg for a two day culinary program designed to highlight American cuisine and strengthen cultural ties. After a welcome dinner hosted by EuroToques Luxembourg President, Daniel Rameau, Chef Acheson held a private cooking demonstration for industry conatcts that was meant to be a TTIP promotional event, emphasizing the fact ... Read More»

4th of July Reception

 On July 2, 2015, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg hosted its annual Independence Day reception celebrating 239 years since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. The theme of this year’s reception was “American Music Through the Ages” and featured posters and images of well-known American musicians as well as a live band performing a ... Read More»

Special Olympics “Torch March”

On June 29, 2015, the U.S. Embassy of Luxembourg hosted a “Torch March” in celebration of Luxembourg’s Special Olympics team’s departure for the Olympic games in Los Angeles. Chargé d’Affaires Alison Shorter-Lawrence; Chair of Special Olympics, Pascale Schmoetten; and National Director of Special Olympics Luxembourg, Mark Feltgen made remarks in English and in Luxembourgish which ... Read More»

Fulbright Alumni Concert

June 25, 2015, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg hosted Charles de Bourcy, a Fulbright Science and Technology fellow from 2012, to perform several piano pieces from Chopin and Liszt. Charles de Bourcy holds awards and recogintions for his piano performances both from the U.S. and from Luxembourg. He is currently working on his PhD in ... Read More»

Lycée Technique Agricole Presentation on June 8, 2015

On June 8, 2015, Jack Bobo, senior advisor on biotechnology and global food policy to the U.S. State Department, visited Lycée Technique Agricole in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg to speak to the students, teachers and the headmaster. Lycée Technique Agricole is the only high school in Luxembourg that offers programs in agriculture, horticulture, mechanics, and environmental science. ... Read More»

World Environment Day

On June 5, Luxembourg high school students attended a special event celebrating World Environment Day 2015. After a very interesting panel discussion with Luxembourg Government official, University of Luxembourg scientists and US representative of Agriculture and Trade, students got to plant a symbolic tree on the Embassy compounds as well as take back a baby ... Read More»

Youth Environment Video Awards

 US Embassy Luxembourg launched its Youth Environment Video Contest in June of 2015, on World Environment Day. The response from local students was impressive, and the Embassy received 15 videos from 27 students representing six different schools. The video contest viewing and awards ceremony took place on Thursday, January 28, 2016 at Ciné Utopia in ... Read More»

LGBT Pride Month Flag Raising

On May 29, 2015 President Obama issued a Presidential Proclamation declaring the month of June as LGBT Pride Month, 2015. Like many U.S. Embassies around World, the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg raised an LGTB flag today on its premises to celebrate LGBT Pride Month 2015. Together with the U.S. National flag, the LGBT flag will ... Read More»

PPP Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Chargé d’Affaires, a.i. Alison Shorter-Lawrence gave remarks and awarded the two U.S. Embassy-U.S. Enterprise scholarships for 2015-2016. Thanks to this Public Private Partnership and donations by both the U.S. Embassy and local American Companies, two talented students will be able to spend a semester studying in the USA. The companies who have generously supported this ... Read More»

Citi Journalistic Excellence Award

On April 23, the Embassy hosted the annual Citi Journalistic Excellence Award Reception, sponsored by the American bank Citi and administered by Columbia University. This event showcases not only the challenging and compelling profession that is journalism but also the financial industry, still the primary pillar of the Luxembourg economy. The winner of this year’s ... Read More»

Start-Up 2.0. Youth Entrepreneurship Pitch Night and Award Ceremony

 Last night, the Embassy organized a pitch night event and award ceremony for the high school students who participated in the Start-Up 2.0. Youth Entrepreneurship competition. Last January, the students participated in a one week workshop session where they learned how to launch their own business. Co-sponsored by the Future Lab of BNP Parisbas and ... Read More»

New Year’s and Farewell Reception

 Last night, Ambassador Robert and Mrs. Julie Mandell hosted a New Year’s Reception for a couple hundred of guests from the political, business and cultural sectors. While wishing everyone a happy and very successful New Year, the Ambassador also said farewell to Luxembourg. He handed in his resignation to President Obama effective, 27 February 2015. ... Read More»
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