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Battle of the Bulge commemorations in December 2022
December 1, 2022

Each year in December, local commemorative societies and communes in Luxembourg organize a series of public commemoration ceremonies to mark the anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge and honor American troops that fought for the liberation of Luxembourg in WWII.
The following commemorations marking the 78th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge have been announced:

• 9-11 December in Bastogne, Belgium (More info: https://www.bastogne.be/evenements/foire-aux-noix-nuts-days)
• 10 December at 19.00 in Luxembourg City, in Parc Fondation Pescatore
• 11 December at 10.00 in Osweiler near 40, rue Principale
• 16 December at 06.00 in Hoscheid on Place de la Liberation
• 16 December at 10.00 in Wiltz by the National Liberation Monument
• 16 December at 16.00 in Hamm at the ABMC Cemetery
• 16 December at 18.00 in Clervaux by the GI Monument
• 21 December at 10.10 in Hamm at the ABMC Cemetery

While the Embassy is not the organizer of the above events, we are proud to support them and invite you to join us in honoring the shared past between the United States and Luxembourg.