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End of Year Message by Ambassador Barrett
December 23, 2022

As we approach the end of the year, it is traditional to pause and reflect. This year, no one can ignore how the world changed on February 24 when – unprovoked – Russia launched a brutal, full-scale invasion of sovereign Ukraine. It can be difficult to enjoy the holiday season this year, knowing this horrible attack on Ukraine and its people continues.

Despite the many challenges, we can find strength and comfort in the unfaltering solidarity and unity demonstrated by nations, organizations, and individuals this year. The people of Luxembourg, the United States, and all those who value freedom across the globe have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the people of Ukraine in response to Russia’s brutal war.

I was humbled to witness the heartfelt gratitude still expressed in Luxembourg in remembrance of American troops, who liberated Europe in WWII. With war on European soil once again, it is more important than ever that we do not forget the ultimate price of our freedom.

For me, cooperation, solidarity, and unity, are some of the key words that defined 2022. This year has underscored the significance of values and the important role we all play in creating a more peaceful, more secure, and more prosperous world.

I wish everyone a peaceful holiday season!


Tom Barrett

U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg