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Fulbright Program
February 13, 2020

A. The Fulbright Program is the premiere international exchange program supported by the governments of the United States and Luxembourg. Luxembourgish students and scholars can apply for a grant to study, conduct research or teach in the US. Americans can apply to study, conduct research or be an English Teaching Assistant in Luxembourg.

B. Program Summaries and Application Deadlines (PDF 108 KB).

C. In order to be eligible for the Luxembourg Fulbright Program, you must have Luxembourgish nationality. Dual Luxembourgish and any other nationality (with the exception of American) is also allowed. Likewise if you are American wishing to come to Luxembourg, you cannot hold dual US/Luxembourgish nationality. A typical study grant is from $10,000 to $20,000 to assist with one year of studies for an advanced degree program or other designated program; the grant can be used for tuition, books, living expenses and other costs.

D. To learn more about and apply for a Fulbright Grant please follow the following links:

When you are ready to apply:

E. Grants for European Citizens

The Fulbright-Schuman Program, administered by the Commission for Educational Exchange between the United States and Belgium, is jointly financed by the U.S. State Department and the Directorate-General for Education and Culture of the European Commission. The program funds graduate and post-graduate study, research, and lecture proposals in the field of US-EU relations, EU policy, or EU institutions for interested American and EU citizens.

Successful project proposals will observe an issue of common concern from a comparative perspective and will bear significance for more than one EU member state. Candidates are responsible for organizing their own affiliation with an accredited university, vocational training/professional institution, or independent research center in the EU or the U.S.

Preference is given to candidates with at least two years of related professional or academic experience beyond the Bachelor’s degree. Candidates with permanent positions at the European Commission are ineligible to apply.

EU citizens are allowed to apply for grants from their home Fulbright office and the Fulbright Schuman program simultaneously. However, any grantees who are selected for a local and Fulbright Schuman award must choose to accept only one.

EU citizens will find more information here: Study, Research, or Lecture Grants: http://www.fulbrightschuman.eu/grants-eu-citizens/

International Educator Grants: http://www.fulbrightschuman.eu/grants-eu-citizens/international-educator-grants/


I am not Luxembourgish, but I was born in Luxembourg, I went to school/go to school in Luxembourg, I speak Luxembourgish, I work in Luxembourg, I live in Luxembourg, am I eligible to apply? The deciding factor is not where you were born, went to school or live, it is a nationality based program, so if you have a nationality which is not Luxembourgish, you can still apply for a Fulbright Grant, but not through our program. Citizens from other countries can locate the Fulbright Commission in their country by visiting. http://www.iie.org/