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Health Alert – Updated EU Travel Restrictions Related to COVID-19
July 1, 2020

Event: Message to U.S. citizens regarding updated EU travel restrictions related to COVID-19.

As of July 1, European Union countries, including Luxembourg, plan to lift travel restrictions for some non-E.U. countries (see text here), but restrictions remain in place for the United States. U.S. citizens who are long-term EU residents are exempted from these restrictions. This means that U.S. citizens who hold a Luxembourg resident card are allowed to return to Luxembourg after travel outside of the Schengen Area.

For questions on travel within the Schengen Area, visit reopen.europa.eu, where the EU has current information on travel and health regulations and the status of services for each EU country. Airlines continue to offer flights from Luxembourg to airports in Europe with direct flights to the United States.

Please share this information with other U.S. citizens in Luxembourg.

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