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Luxembourg American Cemetery Reopened after COVID-19 Lockdown
June 17, 2020

Today, the Ambassador with Luxembourg Army Chief of Defense General Alain Deschene, LuxAir CEO Gilles Feith, and Superintendent Jennifer Roman came together to mark the symbolic reopening of the Luxembourg – American Cemetery in Hamm.

Ambassador Evans noted:

“Today is an important day as the world moves forward towards a new normal. Returning to places we treasure is so important to making us feel whole, and this particular place is such a big part of the shared history of Luxembourg and United States. As we face new challenges today, the heroes that rest here give us perspective that we will face many challenges in our lives, but some things, like our freedom and safety, are worth fighting at all costs to save.”

In order to allow for proper social distancing at the cemetery, visitors must book an appointment to visit Luxembourg American Cemetery through this link https://abmc.as.me/schedule.php .  This is a free reservation process that allows for appropriate spacing on-site. Next-of-kin, and family members of the fallen, as well as WWII Veterans, should contact the cemetery ahead of their visit at Luxembourg American Cemetery and all ABMC locations.

ABMC Quick Facts

❖ Dimensions: 50.5 acres

❖ Headstones: 5,076

❖ Latin Crosses: 4,958

❖ Stars of David: 118

❖ Tablets of the Missing: 371

❖ Sets of Brothers: 22

❖ Dedication: July 4, 1960

❖ Visitors in 2019: over 120,000