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Prohibited Items
March 1, 2020

Security Notice

Due to space limitations in our public waiting area, only the person with an appointment for an interview will be admitted. Parents or guardians of a minor child with an appointment, a caregiver for an applicant with a disability, or young children accompanying the person with an appointment will be allowed to enter the waiting area inside the Embassy. Please arrive no earlier than 15 minutes before your appointment. Unfortunately, due to the above mentioned space considerations, you may have to wait outside in inclement weather before your appointment time.

To facilitate and speed up your entry into the Embassy we recommend you bring very limited baggage, ideally your passport, application fee and supporting documents. Once you enter the screening area, you should be prepared to remove all metallic items from your person and put them in a box for screening, together with your handbag or briefcase.

Any electronics larger than a smart phone are PROHIBITED and cannot be brought on to the premises. Persons carrying any of the items mentioned below will be denied entry as long as the items are in their possession and will be asked to dispose of them. The Embassy does not offer storage. We suggest that all such items be left either at home, in a locked car, or with a friend or relative who remains outside the premises.

Prohibited Items

Electrical, Electronic or Battery-Operated Items – including, but not limited to: smart/cell phones, computers, laptops, music playback devices such as Walkman, CD, DVD, MP3, iPods/iPads, palm pilots, USB sticks, cameras, video cameras, calculators, hairdryers and shavers, game boys, electric toys, etc.

Firearms and Edged Weapons – Including replica or non-firing weapons, blank or starter pistols, tear gas pistols, and stun guns; knives of all kinds, swords, scissors, cutting tools and straight razors.

Explosives – Including fireworks, smoke bombs, pyrotechnic devices or flares, and flare guns or launchers.

Chemical Agents, Liquids and Gasses – Including all compressed air canisters or dispensers for mace or tear gas of any kind, hairsprays, deodorant sprays, cleaning chemicals.

In addition, any other items that are primarily weapons by design and/or use, including clubs, batons, saps, blackjacks, brass knuckles, nunchaku (“nun chucks”), throwing stars, throwing spikes, and spike combs.