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U.S. Ambassador Randy Evans’ Statement on the Reopening of the U.S. Government / Aspirations for 2019
January 31, 2019

With the passage of a continuing resolution on Friday January 25th, U.S. Ambassador to Luxembourg Randy Evans issued the following statement:

“Following the passage of a continuing appropriations act last Friday, I am pleased to say that activities across the U.S. government have resumed, most especially those of the U.S. Department of State. As the United States’ Ambassador to Luxembourg, it is my privilege to lead a dedicated group of local staff and U.S. diplomats as we work to sustain and advance a critical partnership with our longtime ally and close friend.

While the lapse in appropriations did constrain some of our activities, the sacred mission of nurturing the strong ties between Luxembourg and the U.S. remains ever present in our efforts to lay the foundations for what promises to be an outstanding year ahead.  I was pleased that I had the opportunity, over the last month, to meet private sector professionals to discuss ways to expand U.S.-Luxembourg trade ties, as well as, to join Luxembourgers in commemorating important cultural and historic events.

In 2019 we will mark some extraordinary milestones from the 70th anniversary of the foundation of NATO, the incredible 50th anniversary of the first moon landing and, of course, the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, a time in history that no Luxembourger or American can ever forget.

The U.S. Embassy will mark these historic events and honor their meaning, while we look steadily toward a future full of the promise of cooperation and mutually reinforcing prosperity between our two nations. That future is underpinned by our shared values, our deep political and economic ties and, perhaps most especially, by a willingness to define and pursue bold visions.

I look forward to working to advancing cooperation between the U.S. and Luxembourg on a broad range of economic, political, educational and cultural programs. We will honor the past while keeping a keen eye on the future.”

For more information, please contact the Public Affairs section at the U.S. Embassy in Luxembourg at +352 46 01 23 ext. 24 or at LuxembourgPublicAffairs@state.gov