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Discussion & Film Screening with Yoruba Richen, Award-Winning Film Director
November 13, 2023

Discussion & Film Screening with American Filmmaker Yoruba Richen

U.S. Embassy Luxembourg Presents: How it Feels to be Free Director’s Talk with Yoruba Richen 

Join us for a special discussion with award-winning American film director Yoruba Richen on the topic of representation and visibility of women of color in the media and filmmaking, followed by a screening of her film How it Feels to be Free. 

The event will begin with a welcome reception and a moderated discussion between Yoruba Richen and representatives from Luxembourg NGO We Belong Europe, followed by the film screening.

Location: Ciné Utopia – 16 Avenue de la Faïencerie – 1510 Luxembourg

Date: November 21, 2023


  • 5:45PM Welcome Drink
  • 6:30PM Conversation with Director Yoruba Richen & Film Screening

The event is free but as seats are limited, prior registration is required.

Registration form: https://forms.gle/uSWFPLrdoVKgobBx8


About Yoruba Richen:

Yoruba, a celebrated documentary filmmaker, has been featured on Netflix, MSNBC, Hulu, HBO, and PBS. Her other works include "The Rebellious Life of Mrs. Rosa Parks," "American Reckoning," and "The Sit In: Harry Belafonte Hosts the Tonight Show." A Guggenheim and Fulbright fellow and the founding director of the Documentary Program at CUNY, Yoruba is a voice of change and inspiration in contemporary documentary filmmaking.

Director of How it feels to be Free, Yoruba Richen

About the film: How it Feels to be Free

Watch the trailer: https://vimeo.com/502275534

The film examines how six iconic African American women entertainers broke through & challenged the entertainment industry, transforming both themselves & their audiences. Featuring clips & interviews with these legendary talents & commentary by Halle Berry, Shonda Rhimes, Samuel L. Jackson, the film examines the impact these trailblazing entertainers had on reshaping the narrative of Black female identity in Hollywood through their art and activism while advocating for social change.