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U.S. Visitors to Luxembourg
February 14, 2020

Map of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (CIA World Factbook)

The information below is designed to help the approximately 30,000 Americans traveling to Luxembourg each year find useful information for an enjoyable in the Grand Duchy

Useful Apps

Public transportation is free and you can ride like the locals. The official app for Luxembourg’s public transportation offers live schedule updates and route suggestions.

This app is extremely useful for communicating with loved ones and friends back in the states because it has very good wifi calling, video chat, and messaging. It is also the most common app used to communicate via phone with Europeans from all over the continent. Often if someone gives you their phone number they will tell you to message them there instead of texting them.

VDL Utilities
This app is useful if you are driving a vehicle in Luxembourg because it shows real-time occupancy rate of public car parks. The app also boasts ‘the most complete agenda for events in the city’.

Google Translate
While Luxembourgers do often speak English, there may be times where you are in a more rural area or talking to someone older who does not speak English. In Luxembourg, German, French, and Luxembourgish are spoken. In some areas, people may only speak French or may only speak German, so even if you speak one of the official languages, the app is still useful. There is also a large Portugese immigrant population in Luxembourg, so this app allows for you to explore the diverse food options Luxembourg offers with ease.

Europe’s most popular weather app with 7-day forecasts, extreme weather warnings, and easy-to-read weather widgets. Also, a quick internet search does the trick without an app.

The app sends national emergency warnings such as flooding and roadway access directly to your phone. The app is particularly useful for drivers that may be unfamiliar with Luxembourg should they need to utilize the emergency 112 services.

WebTaxi offers diverse taxi options including advanced bookings, large trunk space, and numerous passengers. Getting a taxi on this app can often be cheaper than other alternative taxi services.

Supermiro offers suggestions for activities in Luxembourg as well as inspiration for travel destinations outside of the Grand Duchy.

Arriving in Luxembourg

The Luxembourg Airport–located in Findel–is located 11.7 kilometers from the Luxembourg Central Train Station. To get into the city, you’ll want to get to the central train station in Luxembourg. You can either rent a car, take a taxi, or take the public bus. As a note, all public transportation in Luxembourg is now free. So as long as you’re traveling on busses, trams, and trains going around Luxembourg, you just sit back and enjoy the ride without having to worry about tickets or transport passes.

If you’re using public transportation, the best way to reach the central train station is by bus. The Airport bus stop is displayed on the public transportation app Mobiliteit.lu as Aéroport Luxembourg/Findel, and the central train station is displayed as Luxembourg Gare Centrale. The two busses that drop off at the central station are Bus #16 and #29. The #16 bus drops off at the front of the train station at the Gare Centrale stop, while the bus #29 drops off behind the train station at the Gare Rocade stop.

Complete List of U.S. (and other) Memorials

List compiled by the National Military History Museum in Luxembourg.

Locality Nationality Specifics
Beaufort U.S. 5th U.S. Infantry Division
Berdorf U.S. To the 10th Armored Division
Berlé U.S. To the 90th Infantry Division
Bertrange U.S. To the 5th Armored Division
Bettborn U.S. To the 26th Infantry Division
Bettendorf U.S. To the 10th Infantry Regiment, 5th Infantry Division
Bettendorf U.S. Sauer River crossing Monument
Bettendorf Luxembourgish Memorial to the War Dead
Bigonville U.S. To the 4th Armored Division
Bigonville U.S. To the 9th USAAF
Boulaide U.S. To the 35th Infantry Division
Bourscheid U.S. To the Liberators 1944-1945
Brandenbourg U.S. To the 28th Infantry Division
Cinqfontaines Luxembourgish To the Jewish deportated
Clervaux U.S. CEBA Memorial to the GI 1944/45 in the Ardennes
Clervaux Luxembourgish Memorial to the 6 patriots murdered by the GESTAPO in January 1945
Consdorf U.S. Memorial in form of a US bomb (907 BG Group)
Consthum U.S. To Lt. Col. Daniel B. Strickler & 110th Infantry Regiment (28th Infantry Division)
Dahl U.S. To the 80th Infantry Division
Diekirch U.S. To the 5th, 9th, 10th Armored Divisions & 28th, 80th, 5th, 4th Infantry Divisions(Sept. 44-January 45)
Diekirch British Commenwealth Tom of Flying Officer Douglas Cameron (died May 10, 1940)
Diekirch Luxembourgish Monument des Evadés’, dedicated to those who escaped forced conscription during the occupation years
Diekirch Luxembourgish Stations of the Cross – Monuments for all Luxembourg forced conscripts
Differdange Luxembourgish To those who assisted helped fleeing people to cross the border illegally
Echternach U.S. To the 83rd, 4th, 5th, 76th Infantry Division
Elvange U.S. New Memorial
Ermsdorf U.S. 19th Tank battalion (temporarily moved)
Eschdorf U.S. To the 26th Infantry Division “Yankee Division”
Eschette U.S. U.S. Aviator
Esch-sur-Alzette U.S. Recalling the liberation by the US Army on September 10, 1944
Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourgish Dedicated to the Luxembourg Resistance and Armed Resistance
Esch-sur-Alzette Luxembourgish To those who assisted prosecuted persons to escape
Eschweiler U.S. To George O. Mergenthaler killed on December 18th 1944
Eschweiler (“Café Halt”) U.S. To Cpl. Deluga and Cpl Jesse Sweat, 109th Inf. Rgt, 28th Inf. Div, killed Sept 10, 1944
Eschweiler (“Kierel”) U.S. To the 28th Infantry
Ettelbruck U.S. Memorial “In memoriam Lt. Gen. George S. Patton Jr.”
Ettelbruck U.S. Statue to Lt. Gen. George S. Patton Jr., Commanding General of the 3rd US Army
Feulen U.S. To the 1st Bn. (rein.) 319th Infantry Regiment, 80th Infantry Division
Findel U.S. To the 4th Infantry Division
Gilsdorf U.S. “Task Force Rudder Memorial”
Goesdorf U.S. To the Liberators 1944-1945
Goesdorf U.S. To Alfred Etcheverry (80th Inf Div) & Jean Thilges and all the oprhans of WWII American Soldiers
Gralingen U.S. 5th U.S. Infantry Division
Grevenmacher U.S. To the 331st Infantry Combat Team, 83rd Infantry Division “Thunderbolt Division”
Haller U.S. To Louis Schwall + 5th U.S. Infantry Div.
Harlange U.S. To the 35th Infantry Division
Heiderscheidergrund U.S. To the 80th Infantry Division “Blue Ridge Division”
Heinerscheid U.S. To the 6th Armored Division. Liberation January 28th 1945
Hoesdorf U.S. To the 109th Infantry Division, 28th Infantry Division
Hollerich Luxembourgish Deportation Memorial
Hoffelt Luxembourgish Deportation Memorial
Luxembourgish To “Hengche vu Weiler”, his brother and 2 men who died while demining on March 25th 1945
Hoscheid U.S. To the 5th Infantry Division (January 23rd 1945)
Hosingen U.S. Combined memorial with steles to Ralph R. Wardle and John W. Kelly “D” Co; 702nd Tank Battalion, killed January 27th 1945. To the 17th Airborne Division (Liberation January 27th 1945). To the men of K Company, 110th Regiment, 28th Division and to the soldiers of B Company 103 Engineer Combat Bn
Hupperdange U.S. To Leo Carey and the 445th Bomb Group 703 Squadron U.S. Eight Air Force
Junglinster Luxembourgish Für 10 Luxemburger die als Fahnenflüchtige erschossen wurden.
Kaundorf U.S. To the 26th Infantry Division
Kehlen U.S. U.S. Aviator, 1st Lt. Stahlnaker; 358th FG, 366 FS; 9th USAAF
Luxembourgish To remember the “Mëllechstreik”
Lamadelaine British Aviator
Larochette U.S. To the US Army
Liefrange U.S. To 2 GI’s killed in action on December 27th 1944
Lieler U.S. To the 712th Tank Battalion, 90th Infantry Division (Liberation January 25th 1945)
Luxembourg Luxembourgish Monument of National Solidarity dedicated to the Luxembourgers killed in WW II (Place du St. Esprit)
Luxembourg Luxembourgish Monument of Souvenir in honor of the Luxembourg soldiers who were killed in the two world wars (Pl. de la Constitution)
Luxembourg Luxembourgish Hinzert Cross in memory of the Luxembourgers who suffered and died in the concentration camps (Cimetière Notre-Dame)
Luxembourg Luxembourgish Monument commemorating the deportation of the Luxembourgers who opposed themselves to the Germans. (Hollerich station)
Luxembourg British Statue of Sir Winston Churchill (Place Churchill)
Marnach U.S. To the 28th Infantry Division & Liberty Bell
Marnach U.S. To the officers and men of the 707th US Tank Battalion
Martelange U.S.
Maulusmühle/Boxhorn Belgian/British In memory of 3 Belgian, 2 British and 1 New Zealand airmen whose plane crashed in the forest after having been shot down by German DCA
Medernach U.S. To the 9th Armored Division “Phantom Division” Obelisk with 4 plaques
Mertert British
Moutfort U.S. To the 5th Armored Division U.S. Veterans Square & 2nd Cavalry Group
Niedercorn Luxembourgish To the regional forced conscripts & reconstructed secret cache
Noertrange (Wiltz) U.S. “Bazooka Boogie” Memorial 28th Infantry Division Band
Nothum U.S.
Oberfeulen U.S.
Oberwampach U.S. To S/Sgt Hassel C. Whitefield (90th Infantry Division)
Oetrange U.S.
Osweiler U.S. To the 5th Armored Division, 28th, 83rd, 4th Infantry Division 9th Armored Division;
Osweiler U.S. 5th, 87th Infantry Division; T.D.F.A. 76th Infantry Division.
Perlé U.S. To the 8th United States Air Force
Petange U.S. To the first GI fallen in Luxembourg – 2nd Lieutenant Hyman Josefson
Petange French A la mémoire de Jacques Chauvin, Sous-Lieutenant des Spahis tombé le 10 mai 1940 pour la France et le Luxembourg
Petange Luxembourgish “Passers Stone” dedicated to those who helped the pursued persons to cross the border illegally in WW II
Rambrouch U.S. To the 26th Infantry Division
Rambrouch British To 3 british aviators who died when their bomber crashed on September 9, 1942
Redange/Attert U.S. Monument offered to Redange by the 511th Engineer Light Pontoon Co./814th Eng. Co.
Rodenbourg U.S. To Ernest Hemingway
Sandweiler U.S.
Schoos Planned
Schumann’s Eck (Wiltz) U.S. 1944-1945 Liberation Memorial
Schumann’s Eck (Wiltz) To the memory of all soldiers who died in these woods in winter 194-45
Steinfort U.S. To Lt. Gen. George S. Patton Jr. 3rd US Army
Stolzembourg U.S. To the first Allied soldiers belonging to the 5th Armored Division who crossed here into Germburg on September 11th 1944
Stuppicht U.S.
Tetange French To the 31e GRDI
Troisvierges Luxembourgish In the former monastry the nazis gathered the Jews from the GD. From here some 700 were deported to Auschwitz.
Useldange U.S.
Vianden U.S. To the 6th Cavalry Group & 1255th Engineer Combat Battalion
Waldbillig U.S. To CCA 9th Armored Division
Weiler U.S. To the “I” Co. 110th Infantry Regiment 28th Infantry Division “Bloody Bucket”
Weilerbach U.S. To the 5th Infantry Division
Weiswampach U.S. To “C” Company, 134th Infantry Regiment, 35th Infantry Division
Weiswampach British Lancaster Memorial (Commonwealth) ; UK, CAN, NZ
Wiltz U.S. To the 28th Infantry Division which liberated Wiltz
Wiltz U.S. To General Dwight D. Eisenhower
Wincrange U.S. To the 90th Infantry Division “Tough Ombres”


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